How to pay for your purchase

When paying - whether online or in-store - check out as you normally do at the store and select the way you want to pay.

  • You could earn additional rewards for choosing to pay with ShopBack.
  • Where ShopBack Pay or ShopBack PayLater is available, you'll see the ShopBack logo at the in-store cashier or online when you check out.

Please note that ShopBack Pay, ShopBack PayLater and voucher payments are considered online transactions and are subject to the terms and conditions of banks registered in Singapore and their online payment policy.

How to pay using ShopBack Pay or PayLater

Before you use ShopBack to pay, make sure you've:

  1. Logged in to your ShopBack account.
  2. Linked your credit or debit card to your ShopBack account.
  3. Completed identity verification (in order to use ShopBack PayLater).

If you're new to ShopBack PayLater, you may also wish to read PayLater: An introduction.

In-store Online

Using ShopBack payment methods to pay in physical stores enables us to track your purchase and award Cashback. We offer ShopBack Pay (an effortless way to make cashless QR payments) or PayLater (split a big purchase into 3 monthly instalments) so you can still reap the benefits of ShopBack even when shopping offline. 

All you need is your phone with the ShopBack app to use the pay function.

When paying in-store

  1. Look for the ShopBack logo.
  2. Scan the payment QR code from your ShopBack app.
  3. Select your preferred payment method by paying in full or in instalments.

  4. If you're using ShopBack PayLater: Choose your preferred credit/debit card to pay for your 1st instalment. Your 2nd and 3rd instalments will be charged to your selected default PayLater billing card under Manage Payment Method.
    Learn more: Manage payment methods

  5. Apply ShopBack Promos (if any) to your order amount.
  6. If everything looks good to go, confirm the final amount and swipe to pay.

Using Cashback to pay

When you use ShopBack Pay or PayLater, you can also use available Cashback to offset the total amount - including when you buy Vouchers.

Other payment methods

Apart from cards, there’re other ways to pay for your purchases:

  • GrabPay for ShopBack Pay
  • Apple Pay for ShopBack Pay and ShopBack PayLater
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