PayLater verification issue

I can’t verify and activate ShopBack PayLater. What should I do?

You encounter this issue when trying to set up ShopBack PayLater for the first time. Here are the solutions to the most common identity verification issues.

What you can try

If your identity document wasn’t recognisable

Make sure:

  • You’re using the same approved identity document you used at the start of the registration process.
  • Your identity document is in good condition and undamaged (for example, no crumples or stains).
  • The photo of the identity document is of good quality without any strong light reflection.
  • The identity document is completely visible and not covered by anything.

If your selfie can’t be seen

Make sure your face is fully visible and the photo is taken in a well-lit environment. 

If you provided the wrong side of the identity document

Make sure:

  • You take a front-view photo of the identity document first.
  • Once that’s done, then take a photo of the back-view.

Need further help?

If the solution isn’t listed here, reach out to our Sparky, ShopBack's friendly virtual assistant for help. Note that we might ask you questions to confirm your identity.

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