Understand and manage PayLater instalments

This guide explains everything you need to know about paying and managing your ShopBack PayLater instalments. We’ll go over spending limits, payment methods and missed payments.

ShopBack PayLater will be discontinued from 21 Mar 2024

More about the discontinuation of ShopBack PayLater

Spending limit

Check your spending limit before making a purchase by going to the Available to spend section in the ShopBack app. Your spending limit depends on:

  • How long you’ve been a ShopBack user.
  • The number of PayLater purchases you’ve made.
  • How often you use other ShopBack products.

Based on these factors, your spending limit might also change in the future.

PayLater instalment payment methods

We offer 2 types of PayLater payment methods:

  • Auto-deduction
  • Manual payment
Auto-deduction Manual payment

This is the default payment method. We'll automatically deduct outstanding instalments from the selected card in your ShopBack account.

Auto-deduction schedule

We’ll automatically deduct payments following this schedule:

  1. 1st instalment: Upfront payment
  2. 2nd instalment: 30 days from checkout (purchase date + 30 days)
  3. 3rd instalment: 60 days from checkout (purchase date + 60 days)

You can find your schedule by going to Account → Transactions → PayLater.


Updating your payment method

You may need to update your card if your default payment method is running over the card limit. To update your default card, select Account → Linked payment method → Add a credit or debit card securely. Then, select a new card to set as the default payment method for ShopBack PayLater bills.


Missed instalments

Unfortunately, there’ll be late payment fees on overdue payments.

Order Value Late Payment Charge
$0.00 - 99.99 $5
$100.00 - 999.99 $15
$1,000.00 and above $30

Note: ShopBack reserves the right to change these terms and conditions without prior notice. If any changes are made, the revised terms and conditions will be posted on this website immediately.

Managing late payments

We get it, sometimes you may overlook or forget a payment. Don't worry, a ShopBack representative will contact you about your overdue payments to provide any necessary assistance. If you’re unsure, the collections team is contactable via sg.collections@shopback.com.

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