PayLater: An introduction

With ShopBack PayLater, pay for your purchase over 3 monthly instalments. No interest or hidden fees, as long as you pay on time. For overdue payments, a 2-day grace period will be given, after which late fees will be charged.

Before you begin: Set up PayLater

You can use any Singapore-issued Visa and Mastercard card for PayLater. We unfortunately don’t accept prepaid cards and e-Wallets. You can also use your available Cashback to offset upcoming payments.

Check out Manage payment methods to learn more about how to set up PayLater for your ShopBack account.

How PayLater works

We’ve created PayLater to help you split a big purchase into 3 manageable instalments. We’ll automatically deduct payments following this schedule:

  1. 1st instalment: Upfront payment
  2. 2nd instalment: 30 days from checkout (purchase date + 30 days)
  3. 3rd instalment: 60 days from checkout (purchase date + 60 days)

Your 2nd and 3rd instalments are automatically deducted from your default card in your ShopBack account. For more information on how the instalments work, check out Understand and manage PayLater instalments.


How to use PayLater 

For in-store purchases

  1. Browse through stores offering ShopBack PayLater as a payment method in Interest-free PayLater. Look out specifically for stores offering Pay in 3 in-store.

  2. Or, if you have a specific store in mind, use the search bar and filter for Pay in 3. Make sure you’re still browsing for In-Store.

  3. If you select Adidas, for example, you’ll see all Adidas stores near you offering PayLater.

  4. Visit the store and shop as usual.
  5. When you’re at the cashier, tap Scan and scan the payment QR code to pay.

  1. If the store has both Pay and PayLater options, you’ll see Pay in 3 and Pay in Full. 

  1. When you decide to pay in 3, you may use Cashback or a preferred payment method to pay for your 1st instalment. 
  2. Your 2nd and 3rd instalment will be charged to your assigned default billing card which can be found under your Manage Payment Method.

  3. If everything looks good to go, confirm the final amount and swipe to pay.

Using Cashback to pay

When you use ShopBack PayLater, you can also use available Cashback to offset the total amount of your order.

Loyalty rewards

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