Why I can't be redirected to TaoBao via extension

We are sorry to hear that. No worries, we are here to assist!

If you have installed Anti-Virus Program Kaspersky on your computer or desktop, this may be blocking Taobao to be redirected via ShopBack.

Here are the troubleshooting steps:

1) Open the Kaspersky application window by clicking the icon on the Windows taskbar


2) Open the Kaspersky settings window by clicking the settings icon on the bottom left side (please refer to screenshot)

3) In the Protection tab, open the Web Anti-Virus settings


4) Click Advanced Settings and scroll down to the bottom, you’ll see the Trusted URLs section.


5) Make sure the option of Do not scan web traffic from trusted URLs is checked (please refer to screenshot)

- Click the trusted URLs link to open the settings window

​6) Use Add button to add ShopBack URL pattern: www.shopback.sg*

- Make sure the status is Active

- Click OK button to save the added URL.

- Save settings and close the settings window

- Done


However, if you do not have Anti-Virus Program Kaspersky installed, please do reach out to our friendly customer service agent here with the below information:

  • Operating system (Window / Mac)
  • Browser version
  • ShopBack extension version
  • Do you have any other antivirus/ VPN installed? if yes, please indicate?
  • Did the same problem occur when you have clicked from shopback.sg/taobao 

Please contact our friendly HappyBag bot here if you have any further concerns and we will be at your assistance.

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