How does the Cashback work?

When you make a payment at any of our 1000+ partner stores, ShopBack checks a couple of things before you get your Cashback – that the transaction is valid, and that it was made using a card that has been linked to ShopBack GO.

This usually happens incredibly quickly, so you should receive your Cashback notification within a few seconds, and the Cashback goes straight to your ShopBack account. However, this could take a little longer in some cases, depending on the card you paid with.

ShopBack works with Visa and Mastercard to securely track transactions made at partner stores. Rest assured, the data we receive is completely anonymous, and only pertinent transaction information is shared to know if a purchase was made at a ShopBack GO partner. We can never know what you purchased, cannot see your full card number, and do not receive any personal information about you.

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