How many debit/credit cards can I add to my ShopBack account?

We are working closely with our bank partners to give the best deal to all ShopBack users. You can now link your card into the ShopBack account and it can be up to 10 cards per ShopBack account. As a quick reminder, any Singapore-issued Visa and Mastercard credit/debit cards are accepted. 

See below on “How to link card"

a) Log in your account to ShopBack Mobile App
b) Go to Profile Account
c) Go to “Link/Manage Payment Methods”
d) Tap “Add a card securely”
e) Enter card details
f) Tap “Link Card”


P.S. There may be a small fee charged when you add your card however fret not as it will be refunded to you within 7-14 working days

Also, your data is safe with us as ShopBack cares about protecting your personal information online, and we stand behind our products and services. We are committed to protecting your privacy and also protecting our corporate policies. Sharing user’s information with any parties is not an option.

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