I did not get my Cashback. What's wrong?

In most cases, you should receive a Cashback notification a few seconds after paying at a ShopBack GO partner outlet with your linked debit/credit card.

If you have paid and are yet to receive a Cashback notification, don't worry just yet – sometimes there is a time lag as transaction information gets processed through the card and bank networks.

Your transaction status should normally be confirmed within 1-2 days, and no more than 7 days after making the transaction.

If you have yet to have your Cashback tracked after 7 days or the order is not available after 7 days, please contact our customer support team.

Note that any Cashback requests for orders made 30 days will not be processed. Cashback records are only kept for 30 days from the date of purchase. In the event of your Cashback get rejected, you can only appeal no later than 30 days from rejection date.

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