What are Lifetime Earnings, Available Balance, Pending Earnings and Withdrawn Amount?

Lifetime Earnings are the total earnings in your account from your first day with ShopBack. This will include all pending, confirmed and withdrawn earnings only. If your Cashback was rejected, your Lifetime earning will be adjusted too.

Pending Earnings

As soon as you made a successful purchase, a transactional mail will be sent to you advising your Cashback is tracked in your account. This Cashback will be tagged as Pending in your account. If you sum all of your Cashback with status pending, you will get the Pending Earning in your account.

Available Balance

As the merchant's claim period lapsed, the status of your Cashback will be updated. One of the updates is confirmed, this means your Cashback is ready to be redeemed. This Cashback will be removed from your pending earnings and will be moved to Available Cashback. Available Cashback is the sum of all your confirmed Cashback that you have not withdrawn yet.


Remember about the Available Cashback above. Once you withdraw this Available Cashback it will be transferred and recorded on Withdrawn. Withdrawn is the sum of all confirmed Cashback that you already withdrew.

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