How to play?

How to play:

1. Connect 3 or more of the same ShopBack character as a combo to pop them.
2. Your combos will fill up your power bar.
3. Once it is filled, tap on one kind of character and all of them will blow in a row to get extra diamonds.
4. Objective to get as many diamonds (💎) within the time limit.
5. Diamonds can be exchanged for prizes (Min. 150 gems to exchange).



a) Voucher
* Voucher to shop with selected merchant
* Can be both a voucher code or link
* Needs to be claimed from Rewards Feature

b) Cashback
* Bonus cashback sponsored by ShopBack
* Needs to be claimed from Rewards Feature

c) Lives
* Bonus life to be added instantly instead of waiting for 60 minutes to gain a life
* Needs to be claimed from Rewards Feature

d) Mega Draw
* Each chance comes in the form of a unique code
* 1 Mega Prize Draw to be done each day starting 1 week before 11.11 and 12.12
* Each draw can have more than 1 winner
* Chances can be snowballed till the last draw for ShopFest
* Mega Prize winners to be announced on ShopBack to encourage users to return to the App
* Needs to be claimed from Rewards Feature


Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

  • When can I play this game?

- Cashback Troopers are currently not available. Stay tuned to our app notification!

  • Can I play this on ShopBack website using a desktop?

- Unfortunately, no :( Cashback Troopers game is only compatible with smartphones (Android, iOS), except for iPad at the moment



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