I am no longer interested. How do I deactivate my ShopBack account?

We are sorry to see you go.

Please be advised that once the account has been deactivated, we will not be able to reinstate/restore or retrieve any information associated with the account. Do note all the Cashback in your account will be forfeited after the deactivation.

If you wish to withdraw your Cashback prior to getting your account deactivated, you will need to request a Cashback withdrawal provided that your available balance meets the minimum threshold for withdrawal which is SGD 10.

Take note, only available/confirmed Cashback can be withdrawn. The cashback that has not been confirmed cannot be withdrawn and does not count into the balance available for withdrawal.

Please ensure that your withdrawal is completed and your money is in your bank account before you proceed to deactivate your account.


Here's how you can delete your ShopBack account:

When you have logged in to your ShopBack account, click this link here and you can refer to the images below.

On the web:



On the app:



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