When can I file a Missing Cashback request?

Upon any purchase via ShopBack, the Cashback will take 1-7 days to reflect in the user's account. This is because the merchant will check the customer's order by batches. In any case, if the Cashback does not track in the account even after the time period has lapsed, you will be able to submit the order for Missing Cashback Investigation to allow the merchant re-reviewing the order.

How to file a Missing Cashback?

1) Login to your ShopBack account
2) Click on the "?" icon (on top-right)
3) Go to Missing Cashback
4) Fill the merchant's name and the date of purchase
5) Enter the Order ID/Order Number
6) Input the "Purchase Amount" and attach together with the Order Confirmation from the merchant, then click on "Send My Report"

Once the Missing Cashback Report has been submitted, it will take up to 35 days (Except for Expedia, will take up to 75 days from the end of travel date) days for the Cashback to be finalized. :)

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