Loyalty Program

1. What are Loyalty Rewards?

It's how partners on ShopBack GO reward you for your loyalty! Some need you to reach a spend goal, while others might need you to make a certain number of visits to unlock cool rewards like vouchers, free items, and Bonus Cashback.

2. How do Loyalty Rewards work?

Loyalty Rewards can be earned at participating merchants on ShopBack GO by completing the qualifying goal – this could be a spend goal, or a certain number of visits during a specified time period.

The requirements may vary for certain brands or campaigns, so please be sure to read the requirements for each program carefully.

In-store payments must be made using a card linked to ShopBack GO, for them to count towards your Loyalty progress. You'll continue to earn Cashback on your spend as usual, too. Deal purchases also count towards your Loyalty progress - do make sure to redeem the purchase deals to receive the rewards.

Your Loyalty progress will appear as Pending until your transaction has been validated which may take 7-14 days. Once that’s happened, the spend amount/visit will show on the progress bar/stamp card.


Once you've reached the spend goal and all your transactions are validated, your Loyalty Reward will be unlocked and sent to you.

In case the reward is a Voucher, it can be used on your next visit to the brand, by getting a staff member to key the redemption code into the voucher on your phone. Each voucher has its own expiry date, so please be sure to use it before then. No extension or refund will be given for expired Loyalty Vouchers.

The Loyalty campaign duration may vary between brands; these details will be shown on the outlet page, where applicable.

3. What types of Loyalty Rewards can I unlock?

Loyalty Rewards could be issued by partners in the form of Vouchers, free items, or even Bonus Cashback! The Loyalty Rewards section on outlet pages shows the Reward waiting for you at the next milestone.


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