Boost Cashback

1. What is the Boost feature?

The Boost feature lets you earn Bonus Cashback for a limited time at participating merchants.

2. How does Boost work?

You can enjoy Bonus Cashback by tapping the Boost button at participating ShopBack In-Store merchants. It's a one-off limited-time promotion at merchants you may have visited before.

Remember – you need to tap the Boost button before you pay for your purchase at the outlet.

3. How do I use Boost to get Bonus Cashback?

Step 1: Choose a merchant you want to visit


Step 2: Tap and hold the Boost button to activate it


Step 3: Pay at the outlet using a linked card to get your Bonus Cashback!

4. Once I tap Boost, how long will the Boost last?

The Boost period is shown on the respective outlet's page. Once this period ends, the Cashback percentage will return to the standard amount.

Please note that if you remove all cards you've linked to ShopBack In-Store, any active Boosts will expire, and you'll need to reactivate each one to earn Bonus Cashback at the participating merchants.

5. Does tapping Boost for one outlet activate it for the merchant's other outlets as well?


6. Can I undo my Boost?

No, the Boost for an outlet cannot be undone once it’s been activated.

If you’re unsure about visiting the outlet before the Boost expires, don’t worry – a Boost will be valid for 30 days once activated. If you don't make a purchase at the merchant within those 30 days, the Boost will expire, but you will be able to Boost again for another 30 days (as long as the merchant is still offering Bonus Cashback).

The Boost will be valid only as long as the campaign is running. The validity of the Boost campaign is shown on each outlet’s information page. There will be no option to Boost once the campaign has ended. 

7. Do I need to make a second visit to Confirm my Bonus Cashback from a Boost?

Nope! Bonus Cashback from Boost offers will be Confirmed before your next visit. This usually happens within 7-14 days of your purchase (just be sure not to void the transaction!)

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