Store Credit Purchase

1. What payment methods can I use when purchasing at Store Credit?

You can use your Available Cashback (i.e. Cashback that has been Confirmed and is ready for withdrawal), and/or your linked credit/debit card. 

You can also use your Cashback to pay for part of a purchase, and then use a linked credit/debit card to pay the balance amount.

2. How do I make a purchase using a credit/debit card?

First, you’ll need to link your credit/debit card to your ShopBack account.

  • i) In the Account section of your ShopBack app, tap "Link/Manage Payment Methods", and add your card.
  • ii) Choose a Store Credit to buy, and you’ll see your linked card as a payment option. If you have linked multiple cards, you can tap the card icon to choose which one to use to pay with.

3. Is my credit/debit card information safe?

Absolutely – we take the security of your payment information very seriously. You can read more about it in our Card Data Security section.

4. How do I use my Cashback to pay for my purchase?

Only Confirmed Cashback can be used to pay for purchases. Tap the ‘Use Cashback’ switch to use your Available Cashback balance to pay for your purchase.



5. What is the maximum Cashback I can use to pay for my purchase?

A maximum of $300 per day can be used to pay for purchases.

6. What if my Cashback is insufficient to purchase a Store Credit?

If you don’t have enough Cashback to pay for a purchase, you can use your linked credit/debit card to pay the balance amount.

7. How can I see how much Cashback I’ve used for my purchases?

You can see these details in your Withdrawal History.

8. What is the maximum number of a single Store Credit I can purchase?

Each Store Credit has its own maximum purchasable quantity. Once you have reached the maximum quantity, you will not be able to proceed with the purchase.

9. Is there an expiry date for these Store Credits?

Yes – please refer to the Store Credit details for its expiry date.


10. Can I exchange my purchased Store Credit for cash?

No - a purchased Store Credit is not exchangeable for cash.

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