Updating Mobile Details for DBS PayLah!

1. I have changed my DBS PayLah! number and my DBS PayLah! account has already been linked to ShopBack. What should I do?

When you change your DBS PayLah! number, you will have to unlink your account and re-link the account to ShopBack again in order for you to earn and withdraw cashback with ShopBack and PayLah!:

i) Tap on “More” in the DBS PayLah! app and select “Manage Linked Services”


ii) Tap on the cross icon next to ShopBack to unlink your account (Note: It may take a few hours for your ShopBack account to be unlinked).


iii) Proceed to link your DBS PayLah! account to ShopBack again the next day by clicking on the ShopBack tile within the DBS PayLah! app.

iv)Contact ShopBack if you are unable to link your account again after 24 hours.

2. What happens if I enter a number that is not my registered DBS PayLah! number?

When you add a number that is not your PayLah! Number, upon cash out to that number, the cash out will fail, and an email will be prompted to you.

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