Why is my ShopBack In-Store Cashback Rejected?

Your Cashback might have been rejected because of the following reasons:

1) Your order was voided

2) The credit/debit card used for payment is unlinked from your account

3) After Cashback from your purchase is tracked, the status will show as 'Pending' until your next visit to the same merchant. If the next visit isn't before the expiry date mentioned in the blue Cashback info box, the Cashback will expire and the status will change to 'Rejected' - Cashback will not be reinstated for this reason


However not to worry! If you feel that this should not be the case, you can make an appeal as per below:

1) Go to your Cashback Overview

2) Find the Rejected Cashback that you would like to appeal (You may search by month, Cashback status, and/or store name)


3) Click on the drop-down arrow top right of the Cashback, and you can see the reasoning of the rejection, and also an option to appeal


4) Click on the link of You believe this should not be the case? , and you may fill in the appeal form! We would get back to you via email as soon as possible. 



IMPORTANT: Rejected Cashback submissions must be within 30 days from the Rejected date. Any submissions past the specified time are invalid and will not be investigated by the network.

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