FAQs for senders of ShopBack Gifts


1) How do I purchase ShopBack Gifts?


Step 1: Pick your gift
Select a deal and a denomination (if applicable), then tap “Send this as a gift”.

Step 2: Design it
How many gift-giving occasions are there in a year? As many as you can think of! Pick a design that suits the occasion (or your recipient’s design aesthetic).

Step 3: Add recipient details
Add in the recipient’s details (no typos, please!), and a personal message to make it that little bit extra special. You can also schedule when the gift should be delivered to them.

Step 4: Final check
Is everything good to go? Go ahead and pay for the gift, and leave the rest to us.

Step 5: Earn Cashback (and brownie points)
Get Cashback for your purchase, and gratitude from the friend you sent the gift to. Remember to ask them to check their email to use their gift!


2) Will I earn Cashback from purchasing a ShopBack Gifts for family/friends?


Yes, you will still earn Cashback when you buy deals to gift!

For Online vouchers: Cashback will be confirmed instantly upon making the purchase.
For In-Store vouchers: Cashback will be confirmed once your friend redeems their gift at the merchant store.


3) Can I also buy with a friend to get Upsized Cashback?


Yes, for applicable deals you can buy with a friend, you will earn Upsized Cashback once all the necessary purchase criteria are met.


4) Does my friend need a ShopBack account to use their gift?


No, your friend doesn't need a ShopBack account to enjoy their gift. They will receive a redemption link, which they can use to redeem the voucher they've been gifted.


5) How will my friend receive their ShopBack Gift?


Your friend will receive their gift at the email address you entered when filling out the recipient details.


6) How long into the future can I schedule my gift?


You can schedule the gift up to 3 months from the date of purchase, or until the expiry date of the voucher, whichever is earlier.


7) Can I send my unused voucher to a friend as a ShopBack Gift?


Not at the moment, but we're always looking to make your ShopBack experience better and more flexible – do keep an eye open for more updates!


8) Can I add more value to a ShopBack Gift after purchase?


It isn't possible to add more value to a ShopBack Gift once it's been purchased.


9) What happens if my friend did not get the gift link?

Head on over to your "Purchases" and toggle the "Show available only button. Click on the voucher and select "Share Gift Link" which you can then send it directly to your friend!


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