Cashback Enquiries for GrabPay!

1. How do I earn Cashback with GrabPay on ShopBack?

First, please ensure your GrabPay and ShopBack accounts are linked, Once the two accounts are linked, for voucher purchase, select GrabPay as your payment method and you will earn Cashback for deals/vouchers purchases. 

2. Where can I earn Cashback when I transact with GrabPay?

At all partners offering vouchers & deals.

Note: GrabPay is not eligible for selected brands, such as iTunes, Gaming related vouchers/deals

3. Is there a minimum spend to earn Cashback for this program?

There is no minimum spend needed.

4. Is there a cap on the amount of Cashback that I can earn?

Unless otherwise stated, there is no cap on the amount of Cashback you can earn.

5. Will I earn Grab Points if I use GrabPay for vouchers or In-Store payments?

Yes - please make sure the In-Store payment is made via ShopBack Pay.

Note: Cashback is not eligible if payment is made via GrabPay directly

6. Is there an expiry date for the Cashback that I earned? Could it be reinstated?

Kindly click here for more details on the Cashback expiry.

7. What should I do if my Cashback is not being awarded to my ShopBack account instantly?

To ensure instant awarding of Cashback, please ensure your Grab and ShopBack accounts are successfully linked. If your Cashback hasn’t been awarded within 7 days of your purchase, please file a Missing Cashback request, along with a store receipt as proof of purchase.

8. I received an incorrect amount of Cashback for my transaction

Please contact our friendly HappyBag bot here if you have any further concerns and we will be at your assistance.

9. Can I transfer the earned Cashback to my Grab account?

No - earned Cashback cannot be transferred to your Grab account. Click here for more details on how to withdraw your Cashback.

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