Cashback Enquiries for ShopBack Pay

1. Can I earn Cashback using ShopBack Pay?

Yes! The Cashback amount may vary for each merchant. The outlet detail page will show you how much Cashback you’ll earn when you make a payment

2. How do I earn Cashback using ShopBack Pay?

Link your card or wallets (we only accept Grab Pay) to ShopBack Pay and use it to make purchases at our partnered merchant outlets

Below are the steps to use ShopBack Pay

Step 1: Click on In-Store > Scan & Pay - the Scan & Pay button is also available on the merchant outlet page


Screenshot_20211213_162540_com.shopback.app_edit_350602108190771.jpg  Screenshot_20211213_162548_com.shopback.app_edit_350611578065770.jpg



Step 2: Scan ShopBack QR Code located at our partnered merchant outlets



Step 3: Enter the final bill amount

Step 4: Choose the payment method > Swipe to pay & Earn Cashback



3. Where can I use ShopBack Pay?

You may use ShopBack Pay at any outlet that has the ShopBack 'Pay' button



4. Where can I view my tracked Cashback or progressions for payments made using ShopBack Pay?

You can either view all the details pertaining to your transaction upon successful payment or at the respective outlet page




5. How do I track my payment history?

There are two ways to track your payment:

i) Upon successful payment - refer to point No.4

ii) Click on the Account Icon > Transactions > Past Payment > Pay



6. How do I utilize the Cashback that I have earned through ShopBack?

Congratulations on earning Cashback! You can open the ShopBack app, scan and pay through the ShopBack QR code displayed at the outlet

7. Can I earn Boost Cashback for ShopBack Pay?

Yes! Just make sure to activate the Boost prior to payment

8. Do ShopBack Pay count towards my Loyalty Rewards?

Yes, they do! When you make in-store payment, you will see the progress in the Loyalty bar

9. Can I use ShopBack Pay for Online payment or deal/voucher purchases?

No - ShopBack Pay is only eligible for In-Store payment

10. Is there a minimum spend to earn Cashback for this program?

Unless otherwise stated, there is no minimum spend needed

11. What is the minimum and maximum payment for ShopBack Pay?

Min payment by card is $0.50
Min payment by cashback is $0.10
The maximum payment is $10k

12. Is there a cap on the amount of Cashback that I can earn?

Unless otherwise stated, there is no cap on the amount of Cashback you can earn

13. Is there an expiry date for the Cashback that I earned? Could it be reinstated?

Kindly click here for more details on the Cashback expiry

14. What should I do if my Cashback is not being awarded to my ShopBack account instantly?

Please file a Missing Cashback request, along with the payment confirmation as proof of purchase

Login to your ShopBack account > click on the Account Icon > Click on ShopBack Pay - Payment History to retrieve the proof of payment

15. I received an incorrect amount of Cashback for my transaction

Please contact our friendly HappyBag bot here if you have any further concerns and we will be at your assistance

16. Can I transfer the earned Cashback?

Click here for more details on how to withdraw your Cashback.

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