I am unable to verify and activate ShopBack PayLater

Here are a few solutions that you may try if you encounter any of the following issues:

Issues Actions to be taken
Identity document not recognisable

Ensure that: 

  • You’re using the same approved identity document which you used at the start of the registration process.
  • Your document is in good condition and not damaged (e.g. crumpled or stained).
  • Your document’s photos should be of good quality and not be affected by any strong light reflection.
  • Your document should be completely visible and not covered by anything.
Selfie can't be seen Kindly ensure that your face is fully visible & the photo taken is in a well lit environment
Wrong side of identity document Please take a photo of your front view identity document first. Once that is done, you may then move on to take a photo of the back view of your identity document


If you face other difficulties not listed above, please reach out to our Customer Service team for further assistance. Just a note that when you speak with them, they might ask questions to confirm your identity.

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