Didn’t receive my order or received wrong or unsatisfactory product

I have issues with the product I’ve ordered online. What should I do?

You encounter this issue when your online purchase either doesn’t arrive or the wrong item arrives. We’re sorry to hear about your experience but unfortunately, we can’t help regarding the items purchased online.

What you can try

The best way to resolve a delayed order or unsatisfactory product is to contact the store directly. They can track down the order or process a refund for you.

Track a delayed delivery

You might be able to check the delivery status if you’ve received a tracking link email from the store. Your order may be delayed due to public holidays, festive seasons, or unforeseen weather conditions. We strongly recommend reaching out directly to the store you’ve purchased from for clearer details.

Just a heads up - you’ll still need to make payments until the store initiates a refund. If you’re struggling to contact them, reach out to Sparky, ShopBack's friendly virtual assistant and we’ll try our best to help.

Request a refund

Reach out to the store directly to request a refund. Keep in mind that each store will have different return policies and any tracked Cashback for refund items will be cancelled.

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