Voucher gifting guide for senders and recipients

Vouchers make great gifts, whether they’re a treat for yourself or your pals. This guide will explain how to send a gift Voucher, how to use a gift Voucher and everything you need to know in between.

Sending Vouchers as gifts

How to buy Vouchers as gifts

  1. Pick your Voucher and tap Send this as a gift. This can be any Voucher available for purchase on ShopBack. Your friend does not need a ShopBack account to receive this gift. They’ll get it as a link that they can open in and use from a browser.
  2. Add your own flair! Personalise your gift by picking a design that suits the occasion.
  3. Fill in the recipient’s name and a note (optional, but who doesn’t love a special note?).
  4. Select how they’ll be receiving their gift:
    • Through a web link you share with them - you can send this link to them any way you wish.
    • Through an email to their email address - you can also schedule when to send this, up to 3 months in advance.
  5. Double-check the details. Before you pay, make sure all the information is correct. Tick the confirmation box when it all looks good and continue to pay.
  6. Swipe to pay. You can also use any available, confirmed Cashback to help pay for your Voucher. 
  7. Complete your payment and you’re done! 

Thanks for being a good friend. While your friend enjoys your lovely gift, you can enjoy a Cashback treat from us. A win-win situation!

Things to note

Finding the link to send

If you need to find the gift link again, go to Account → Purchased Vouchers. Look for the Voucher you bought and tap Share Gift Link.

Topping up value after purchase

Unfortunately, it’s currently impossible to add more value to a Voucher that’s already been sent as a gift. How about sending them another Voucher instead? 

If you’ve received a Voucher

How to use a gift Voucher

1. Open your gift.

Let’s see what it is! If you’ve received it by email, tap Open Your Gift in the email. If you received it as a link from your friend, tap on the link. You don’t need a ShopBack account to use your gift.

2. Check your gift terms and conditions.

Read the terms and conditions of your gift carefully so you know how to use it.

  • This includes instructions on how to redeem your gift online or in-store. 
  • Note the expiry date so it doesn’t go to waste. An expired Voucher is gone forever and can’t be reinstated.
  • Keep the link safe - if shared, anyone could use it!

3. Enjoy your gift!

Don’t forget to thank your friend.

Helpful resources

If you’re having trouble with gift Vouchers there articles might be of help:

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