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We’ve found easy ways for you to enjoy the benefits of ShopBack, even when shopping in-store. Browse and search for our partner stores near you, continue shopping as you normally would, and pay with ShopBack Pay.

How it works 

Make instant cashless payments with ShopBack Pay. Simply link your account with any bank payment card or wallet of your choice, ask for ShopBack, and scan the ShopBack payment QR code to pay. For overdue payments, a 2-day grace period will be given, after which late fees will be charged.

For more information on how to pay using ShopBack Pay, check out How to pay for your purchase.

How to find ShopBack Pay stores

  1. On the ShopBack app, tap Nearby.
  2. Search for brands or categories if you have something specific in mind. Or, use the Map feature to see all available stores near you.
  3. Tap the ShopBack Pay to filter for stores that support ShopBack Pay.

Pay using Scan & Pay

  1. To use Scan & Pay, link your payment method first. See Manage payment methods on how to link your payment method.
  2. Tap Pay or Scan & Pay to open your camera.
  3. Scan the ShopBack QR code to pay.
  4. It’s that easy!

Pay with cards linked to your ShopBack account

There are also stores where you just need to pay directly with a credit or debit card linked to your ShopBack account.

We partnered with Visa and Mastercard so they can let us know when you’ve paid and we can get your Cashback. It’s easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Link a debit or credit card to your ShopBack account.
  2. Pay with your linked card in-store (as you normally would).
  3. Earn Cashback (when you return to the store and shop there again).

We mean it when we say no extra steps are needed. Just pay with your card as you normally would and we’ll handle the rest.

Return Cashback

Your Cashback will be confirmed on every subsequent visit. This is a great way to earn Cashback at your favourite stores when you use ShopBack Pay or PayLater.

Are you facing issues with your Return Cashback?

Bonus Cashback with Boost

Some stores offer a Boost feature that lets you earn bonus Cashback for a limited amount of time.

How to earn bonus Cashback with Boost

  1. Search for your go-to store or just see available stores near you. Remember to select In-Store to see only offline options.
  2. Use Filters to only view stores that are offering Bonus Cashback.
  3. You’ll see a list of participating stores that offer bonus Cashback. Just tap the Boost button before you pay! (If the Boost is locked, that means you haven’t linked a card yet. Link a card by tapping the locked Boost button.)
  4. Now just head over to the store and pay via Scan & Pay (or with your linked card). Enjoy your bonus Cashback along with the items you’ve purchased!
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