Maximise Cashback from Shopee

To maximise your Cashback from Shopee, you must buy from the same store or seller that you land on. This may be different from what you’re used to doing. But don’t worry, follow the simple three-step guide below and after a few times, you’ll be able to earn maximum Cashback from Shopee every time.

Steps to get more Cashback from Shopee

  1. Search or find what you want to buy on Shopee Official store in ShopBack.
  2. Tap to land on the relevant store or seller in Shopee.
  3. Buy from the same store after landing on Shopee - and maximise Cashback!


Repeat for another Shopee store

Remember to repeat the steps for every different store on Shopee.

Tip: Search by store or product

To find the Shopee seller or store, you can search directly for the seller name, or a product.

We'll show you stores in Shopee that offer Cashback. Stores that don't offer Cashback won't appear in the search results.

Don’t do these!

Here are some actions to avoid - they’ll get you much less Cashback from Shopee.

Tap on one store but buy from another ❌

For example:

  1. Search or tap on Colgate Palmolive Official store from ShopBack.
  2. Buy from a different store after landing on Shopee.
  3. Earn 0.1% Cashback.

Do a random search just to get to Shopee ❌

For example:

  1. Search “Shopee” when you’re already on the Shopee Official Store page.
  2. Tap on any store that lands you on Shopee.
  3. Buy from a different store after landing on Shopee.
  4. Earn 0.1% Cashback.

Why all these rules?

The Cashback that we pay our users comes from commission that we earn. We earn commission by referring you to buy from a store.

Shopee is a marketplace, which means that in Shopee, there are many different stores owned by different sellers or brands.

When ShopBack brings you to a specific seller in Shopee and you buy from that seller, Shopee recognises this as a valid referral (known as “direct order”), and pays us a commission. From this commission, we’re able to give you Cashback.

When ShopBack brings you to a specific seller in Shopee and you buy from a different seller, or if you land on a generic page in Shopee and then buy from any seller, Shopee doesn’t see this (known as “indirect order”) as a valid referral from ShopBack. In this case, we won’t receive commission from Shopee, and so we can’t really give you much Cashback.

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