"Buy with a friend" Voucher deals

ShopBack offers “Buy with a friend” Voucher deals so you and your friend can enjoy upsized Cashback together.

How it works

  1. Buy a deal for yourself.
  2. Share the deal with your friend using your special link.
  3. Your friend buys the deal.
  4. Enjoy upsized Cashback.

How to spot “Buy with a friend” Voucher deals

Deals that offer an upsized Cashback when buying with a friend will show how much additional Cashback you can get if you buy with a friend.

Sharing your special link

Once you’ve bought a deal, you can find your special link on the deal’s detail page. Tap Send to a friend and share it with your friend!

When you’ll receive the upsized Cashback

When you first buy the Voucher, you’ll get the standard Cashback for it. Once your friend also buys the deal using your special link, you’ll receive a Cashback top-up to the upsized Cashback amount.

For example, if you’ve bought a deal that gets you 1% Cashback if bought alone and 10% Cashback with a friend:

  1. You buy a deal and get 1% base Cashback.
  2. You share your special link with a friend.
  3. Your friend buys the deal.
  4. They get 10% Cashback and you’ll get the remaining 9% Cashback (totaling to 10%).

Things to note

  • You can only buy a shared deal with 1 friend.
    • Even if you share your link to multiple friends, only one of them will be able to use your link for upsized Cashback.
  • To receive the upsized Cashback, your friend must buy the Voucher less than 48 hours after you bought it.
    • If your friend buys the Voucher after the 48-hour window passes, you’ll both get the standard Cashback amount.
    • If your friend ends up not buying the Voucher, you’ll still get the standard Cashback amount.
    • We can’t extend an expired link.
  • You can use the deal immediately. without waiting for your friend. As long as your friend buys within the 48-hour window, you’ll both earn upsized Cashback.
  • Your upsized Cashback will be Confirmed once the deal is redeemed. If the deal is voided in any way, the upsized Cashback will be rejected.
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