Cashback tracking issues: Missing or incomplete Cashback

If you’re expecting Cashback from a purchase but it’s not reflecting on your account, let’s help you figure out why and what you can do.

What you can try

If you’re sure there’s an error, you can always file a missing Cashback report.

Use this checklist to work out whether to submit the report

Online Cashback

Did you start your shopping journey with ShopBack?

Unfortunately, if you didn’t click through to the store using ShopBack before your purchase, we won’t be able to track your order and earn you Cashback.

Was your order made less than 48 hours ago?
Cashback can take up to 48 hours (and in some cases, longer) to be processed and reflected in your account. You can check the Pending tab in your ShopBack account. We’ll also send you an email to let you know when your Cashback is ready.
Did you shop at Shopee?
To maximise Cashback from a Shopee purchase, you need to buy from the same store that you land on. If you plan to buy from Shopee seller A, make sure you find Shopee seller A on ShopBack and tap through directly. If you land on Shopee seller A from ShopBack, but buy from Shopee seller B instead, you’ll only receive the minimum 0.1% Cashback (except in special cases such as upsize deals.
More on how to maximise Cashback from Shopee
Do you have an ad blocker installed on your browser?
If you have ad blockers running on your browser, we unfortunately can’t track your Cashback.
Did you cancel, return, or exchange your order?
Cashback is unavailable for any cancelled, returned, or exchanged orders.
Did you meet the store’s terms and conditions?
The store’s terms and conditions may not have been met. Because our partners don’t pay us a commission when their terms and conditions aren’t met, we can’t get you Cashback either. You can check each partner store’s terms and conditions on the ShopBack store page.
Did you use a coupon or promo code that’s not listed on ShopBack?
Unfortunately, we can’t track your Cashback if you used a third party coupon or promo code.
Did you click on a third-party offer or advertisement before or during your purchase process?
Unfortunately, this disables Cashback tracking and we can’t track your Cashback.
Was the URL used to make a purchase manually edited?
This will also disable any Cashback tracking.

In-store Cashback

Some bank cards can take longer (up to 7 days) to track our Cashback. If you’ve used Scan & Pay, we should be able to track the purchase. But if your Cashback is still not tracked after 7 days, these might be some reasons:

  • The debit or credit card you used to pay wasn’t linked to your ShopBack account.
  • While using a UOB Mastercard, you paid via a mobile payment method such as Apple Pay. You have to use the UOB Mastercard directly so ShopBack can track it.
  • We can’t track payments by Singtel Dash, GrabPay Mobile Wallet (QR), FavePay, GetzPay, or cash.
  • We can’t track payments for a bulk purchase or an event booking.

Avoid missing out on Cashback next time by linking your cards correctly and using Cashback tracking-friendly payment methods.

Note that the Cashback amount may be capped subject to our partner store’s discretion and the final Cashback amount may be lower than the amount initially tracked.

Bonus Cashback

If your bonus Cashback is missing, rejected or still pending, it’s possible you haven’t met all requirements to earn bonus Cashback. Check the terms and conditions, including crediting time periods and qualifying minimum spends before filing a missing Cashback request.

Report missing Cashback

If none of the above helps explain why your Cashback is missing, check out Report missing Cashback on how to file a missing Cashback report.

If you don’t see an option to file a missing Cashback report

Missing Cashback reports must be made within 30 days from the purchase date. After 30 days, the option to report it will be unavailable. 

Or, you may have not visited the store via ShopBack. We keep track of the stores you visit using ShopBack. If the purchase happened without our facilitation, you won’t be able to file a missing Cashback report.


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